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Fracking the Market

Utilize our indicator and process for steady profits. Let us take the guesswork out of selecting high probability trades. This is the only indicator you need. Just add the indicator to your TradingView chart and follow the entries! You can use TradingView to connect directly to many brokers and place the trades right from the chart, or have the TradingView chart up with this indicator on and trade using your broker software.

We are confident that you will make your investment back within 30 days. If not, you will be refunded! No other provider offers that.


  • Great for getting funded accounts through a prop firm

  • One-time cost of $250 (refundable at 30 days)

  • All inclusive, no software to install

  • Provides Entry, Target and Stop right on the chart

  • Auto adjusts based on timeframe and market structure

  • Has manual inputs to override defaults, if needed

  • Access to any/all indicator updates automatically

  • Available instruments are: ES, NQ, RTY, GC, CL, YM (also for micro's)

  • You get 2 of the above indicators, assistance on usage, access to Discord group, buy/sell alerts, and Zoom screen sharing sessions.

During checkout, please let us know which 2 indicators you wish to use, your TradingView username so we can assign them to you, and your Discord handle.


Frack Reversals
Frack Reversals

High probability
High probability



Terms of use:

Sharing the indicator information is strictly enforced! DO NOT share the information on the labels with other traders, groups, social media, or services. We monitor the activity and will remove you from indicator access without refund.

As with any trading strategy, the disclaimer is that we cannot guarantee there will be no losses. Trading is risky and you can lose money. This is the nature of trading, and losses happen. However, if you do not make your $250 purchase price back in 30 days, we will refund you and remove access to the indicator and groups. This is our guarantee of indicator satisfaction.