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Autotrading Bot

Our Autotrading Bot, whom we call "MATT" (Managed Algorithmic Technical Trading), is designed to work with the Futures Contract "NQ" due to the price action it commonly provides. Other variations for other instruments are being developed.

MATT is adaptive. It monitors market activity throughout the day and around the trades to adjust entries, targets, and stops automatically, based on the current action. This is greatly beneficial since market volatility and structure is different and changes throughout the trading day. (i.e. market open vs. midday)

MATT is "managed auto". It is actively managed by humans and is turned on/off if there is an anticipated event that may interfere with MATT's logic. For example, a news release such as a political announcement. However, when it is on, it trades automatically based purely on technical analysis.

MATT is simple. It follows the principles or Occam's Razor where "the idea that the most likely explanation for an event is usually the simplest explanation." In trading, that means we use a simpler strategy, with less variables, rather than a more complex one because it tends to be more testable.

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  • Trading funds required - $5k.

  • One-time setup fee - $250.

  • Monthly payout - 90% of net gain (10% is commission).

  • May have more than one account.

  • Additional funding/accounts may be added monthly, but we ask for a 3 month commitment before withdrawal of seed funds.

Contact us soon if interested and we will send you the specific details on operation and funding so we can get you into the next cycle.