We use Tradingview for our charting needs. One of the great things about Tradingview is the ability to "code" or program custom indicators. You can see our list of free public indicators here.

The indicators listed below are "invite-only" and are for sale as a one-time fee. If the indicator is updated, you will automatically get the changes. Let us know if you are interested in multiple indicators and we can make a bundle deal for you.

We currently have over 30 custom indicators.

Dynamic High and Low of Day - $29.95

Script plots a new line each time a new High of Day and Low of Day is achieved.

Works on any timeframe.

Dynamic Levels - $29.95

Plots dynamic levels based on previous candle formations. When bars are collapsing, it indicates a consolidation period. When bars are separating, it indicates increased volatility and directional movement .

As green bars form, it may be a potential opportunity to go long. As red bars form, it may be a potential opportunity to go short. The more you watch the action of the bars, the easier it will be to identify potential entries. Good for fast time frame charts.

Trend Finder - $19.95

Simple indicator to help identify trends in the market. For reference, the thick line is the 100 EMA calculated on opening price of candle (not close). Can be used on many timeframes, but tested on 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10 min charts.

Colored Opening Range - $29.95

Plots the range between the high and low of the first 1 min candle at the futures market open. This is a great area to focus on for intraday trading. This indicator holds the range through all sessions.

Based off of the opening range script from Chris Moody. Modified the shading to show green, red, or gray when the price is over, under, or within the opening range.

Multi-Session Opening Range - $29.95

Plots the opening range of each futures trading session. The opening range is the high and low of the first candle at the open of each session. 1 min, 5 min, 15 min, and 30 min available (specify version when purchasing, or buy all - contact us for bulk discount)

Range Finder - $19.95

Indicator provides automatic Short Range and Long Range support and resistance lines.

Range lengths are adjustable. Colors and lines are editable.

MA Crossover with Alerts - $19.95

A basic moving average crossover script with signals. Alert Condition lines were added to code so you can set an alert based on the signal stamps.
You can specify which 2 moving averages you want to monitor. The slower moving average line changes color depending if it is over or under the faster moving average.
The moving average lines and the triangle stamps can be turned on or off depending on what you would like to see on your chart.

Open, High, Low, Close - $24.95

Plots lines for daily Open, High, Low, and Mid levels.

Has option to plot previous day lines for Open, High, Low, Mid and Close.

Multi-EMA - $14.95

Allows you to plot 5 different EMA lengths.

You can specify which EMA changes color based on whether it is going up or down.

All colors can be modified.

Opening Range Targets - $24.95

This is an incredibly accurate indicator that provides potential targets based on the Opening Range of each Futures trading session.

There are 6 available options:

NQ Asian open, NQ London open, NQ New York open (works for MNQ as well)

ES Asian open, ES London Open, ES New York open (works for MES as well)

Each session is its own indicator because the calculations are different for each market. If you wish to purchase more than one market, contact us and we can put a package together for you.

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