The private assistance program is a one-time fee of $500. It is for initial setup, training on the strategies, and one-on-one dedicated consultation. This includes phone, text, messenger chat, screen sharing, and real-time joint trading sessions.

Each candidate must complete the course we have designed (can be done over a weekend) so everyone is on the same page, speaking the same language, and has experience using the same custom indicators that we have developed (included with course).


We have one goal in mind - We want you to succeed!


You will have continued access to any webinars, programs and custom indicators that we design. You will also be invited to our small, private group of traders.


Check out our self-guided course here.

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We are not financial advisors. We are not legal advisors. We are not investments advisors. Trading stocks can be risky. Be sure to consult an appropriate professional.

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