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Our goal is to help new traders avoid the mistakes and struggles typically made when starting out. Trading is not easy, so why make it harder than it already is? Especially for a new trader. This is where we come in. Rather than spending weeks or months combing through the endless amount of information on the Internet, allow us help you. We will learn about your goals, personality, and trading style; and guide you down a path that is designed specifically for you.


This is a 60 min one-on-one coaching session. We will go over all of your questions and concerns. We cannot offer trading "advice" but we can make suggestions, provide tips, and share resources.

We can talk, video chat, and screen share as needed.

If you wish to jump right in with many other traders using the same system(s), consider joining our private Discord group.


The North Star Day Trading Discord Server gets you access to ALL channels, ALL custom indicators for TradingView, Tradovate and NinjaTrader, ALL of our "MATT" automated trading bots on NinjaTrader, and anything we add going forward. We wanted everything under one roof, with one price, that can easily be made back with one trade using our systems and processes.


We have one goal in mind - To simplify the complex!

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