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Get Funded

Becoming a funded trader through a "Prop Firm" can be a great option! But it is certainly not easy. There are rules in place to make it quite difficult to pass. This is intentional because the funding partner will only want to invest in the best traders. There are stringent rules such as trade times, number of contracts allowed, max draw-down, and max daily loss - to name a few. Break any rule and you are done! But, you can pay again (called a reset) and start over. Those fees can add up fast!

Most traders fail 10+ times before passing. So you are basically spending all that money to practice. Why not focus on a proven system and pass sooner?

This is where we come in.


As of January, 2023, everything takes place in our private Discord group, with a channel dedicated to traders in funded programs. There is text chat, image uploads, audio/video streaming, and live trading. All included. There are basic guidelines to follow to help you avoid breaking a rule in your funded program and/or "blowing up" an account. There are also group Zoom meetings to better hone your skills. Our goal is to help you get funded! 

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  • We provide basic guidelines to maximize your funded program offering

  • We provide trading zones for greater opportunities for you to consider

  • We use TradingView for charting but you can use any trading platform you want

  • We do not have a set time for trading, since the market doesn't wait for traders to be ready

  • We trade multiple markets, multiple sessions, and multiple times / timeframes

  • We want you to be satisfied and get funded!


As of January 2023, we have moved all of our offerings under one roof - Discord. ALL indicators, strategies, auto-trading bots, coaching and community are in one place, for one price. Join our Discord today!

Here is a link to demonstrate a preview of the indicator and process.
Click for Preview

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