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Discord Group

Let us take the guesswork out of selecting high probability trades by utilizing our Zone Predictor indicator and our consistent trading process. Our group is about quality, not quantity. Most Discord groups are a mash-up of all different strategies, indicators and trading styles. That can be very difficult to follow and very confusing to traders. In our group, we are all focused on the same approach, so the trades are much, much clearer.


The focus is on NQ and ES, but we jump into other markets as well. These include RTY, YM, CL, GC, and even UB. Since Futures markets are open 23 hours per day, and we have traders around the globe, there is always something going on in the group.

As of January 2023, ALL of our custom indicators, auto-trading bots, courses, and anything else we offer are all included with our Discord membership.


  • Great community focused on the same markets/strategy

  • Great for getting funded through a prop firm

  • You get all indicators, assistance on usage, access to Discord group, buy/sell alerts, and Zoom screen sharing sessions.

  • The TradingView indicator is all-inclusive, no software to install, provides Entry, Target and Stop right on the chart, and auto-adjusts based on instrument, timeframe and market structure.

  • You will get any/all indicator updates automatically

Everything under one roof. Join us!

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Terms of use:

Sharing the indicator information is strictly enforced! DO NOT share the information on the labels with other traders, groups, social media, or services. We monitor the activity and will remove you from the indicator and group.


This presentation is for educational purposes only and the opinions expressed are those of the presenter only. All trades presented should be considered hypothetical and should not be expected to be replicated in a live trading account.

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