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Beginner Course

Beginner Course - Intro to Futures

As of January 2023, we have moved all of our offerings under one roof - Discord. ALL indicators, strategies, auto-trading bots, coaching and community are in one place, for one price. Join our Discord today!

This course was developed for new traders who are interested in day trading, but may not have a large account or have limited trading time.


This course helps to:

  • Simplify the process of Futures trading (key custom indicators, solid trade setups)

  • Condense information and remove the noise. "Simplify the complex."

  • Present different trading styles/approaches. There is no “one style fits all.”

  • Focus on futures markets (one instrument, 23/5 trading, low start-up cost, “points” trading, etc)

Each video focuses on one topic
Videos are about 20 min each and get right to the point; can complete course in a few days
Attendees have access to any revised material

Upon completion, you will have access to all the indicators in the course

You will have access to any new content that is added.

This course is now included in our Discord server access.

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