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Template Downloads

Choose the template(s) you wish to use and follow the instructions below.

Scalping Template

Trending Template

TPO Template

Bid-Ask Template

Tick Template

DOM Indices Template

DOM Bonds Template

Follow these steps to Download and Import your Template(s).

  • Download the Template(s) you wish to use from the links above. (They are Zip files)

  • Save it to your downloads folder or some place where you can easily find it.

  • Extract the Zip File. (template file name will end with ".tradovate")

  • Launch the Tradovate Application.

  • Click on the "Add Modules" plus sign at the top left.

  • Choose "Import from file".

  • Browse to the folder where you unzipped the template.

  • The active template will be highlighted blue and have a checkmark next to it.

Add Module.jpg
Import from file.jpg
Active template.jpg
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