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Video library on setup and usage of MATT Autotrading Bots.

MATT ZONE PREDICTOR - (most consistent version with the least hands-on)

Download Zone Predictor 01122023

Download Range Bar Scalping 02052023

Demo Video

MATT FRACKING - (the first of the MATT series)

Download Fracking NQ 05282022 AND Fracking Retrace 05282022

(** Use both files above on two separate charts running the same timeframe and the same exact settings. The Retrace will take a trade in the opposite direction if the Fracking NQ enters and price immediately reverses.) WATCH the Fracking Retrace usage tutorial here.

Fracking is for scalping momentum. Here is an explanation on why we exclude large trades.

Large Trade Analysis

Some general ideas and suggestions on how to use Fracking.
Tutorial on Usage

You may want to run Fracking on several different instruments as a hedge.

Comparison of NQ, ES, RTY, GC (no audio, video capture only)

Comparison of NQ and RTY - full week (no audio, video capture only)

MATT RATCHETING STOP - (different than a "trailing stop" - it follows the trade in intervals)

Download Ratcheting Stop 01242023

Demo Video

MATT RATCHETING STOP MA - (autotrade version)

Download Ratcheting Stop MA 01242023

Demo Video

Tutorial on how to download Market Replay data in NinjaTrader.

Download Market Replay Data

Load a strategy multiple times on a chart for additional control over settings.

Multi-strategy Setup Tutorial

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