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The Test Before the Test

Becoming a funded trader through a "Combine" can be a great option! But it is certainly not easy. There are rules in place to make it quite difficult to pass. This is intentional because the funding partner will only want to invest in the best traders. There are stringent rules such as number of contracts allowed, max draw-down, and max daily loss - to name a few. Break any rule and you are done. But... you can pay again (called a reset) and start over. These fees can add up fast! So why not prepare for it first?

This is where we come in. We want you to pass the Combine on your first try!

We understand that the reason most attempt a combine is to gain access to a funded account with significantly more buying power than they can typically afford on their own. And since it takes several tries to successfully pass (and keep) a Combine, why spend all that money to practice? Our environment is setup with the same rules as the Combine, at a fraction of the cost. Think of it like a mock test that you would use to pass a real estate, law, or medical exam.

We offer:

  • $50/mo, cancel anytime (Combine typically $150)

  • $10 reset (Combine typically $100)

  • A trading environment setup just like the Combine

  • Software for PC/Mac, mobile, and web-based

  • Real-time market data for all major markets

  • Weekly contests with monetary payouts (coming soon!)

  • Group and one-on-one Zoom training sessions available

Note that we do not provide "funded accounts" directly. Our goal is to help you pass the Combine and get funded on your first try! 

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