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We Are...

Providers of information and guidance to help make your journey into Day Trading as pleasant of an experience as possible.

Far too often new traders start without enough knowledge and learn the hard way (a.k.a. losing their money). You've probably heard the term, "blowing up an account". We have all been there. We want to help you avoid making the same mistakes and help streamline your way to profits.


  • We will show you the ins-and-outs of the market and make recommendations based on your goals.

  • We aren't a broker, but we work with many and will recommend one that best fits yours needs.

  • We aren't financial advisors, but we will connect you with one should you require it.

  • We don't provide live stream trading, but we will make recommendations for your style.

We communicate via chat, email, phone, video conferencing, video tutorials and screen sharing.

There is an ocean of information out there and finding what is relevant to you, especially if you are not even sure what you are looking for, will take many weeks or months to put all the pieces in place. Let us help you with your day trading journey.

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